Contracts of Translation

Often indicates that there are different specialties or areas within the translation industry professional. Many translation agencies in our web pages explain the different areas in which we provide translations. For example: technical, legal, medical, literary, financial translation, etc. But in this article, we’d like to focus on the translation of contracts.

In modern times, constantly refers to international business, business development, great ideas for increasing revenues and the various aspects of human communication.

However, do not forget something? In fact, the beginning of all these concepts is based on an agreement between two parties (or more) if required. Whether they are entities or individuals that are going to cooperate in order to achieve mutual benefits.Orang Translate Button

Use of the appropriate terminology

Like other legal documents translation of contracts can be really complicated. As you know, the actions and the benefits of the parties depend on the particular interpretation of the clauses of a contract. So it is even more important if possible, transmit the translation in a clear and unequivocal message to avoid possible misinterpretation or empty legal.

As the process of translation of contracts has been considered one part within the field of legal translation, apply the same rules for the use of the terminology and the sentence structures. The use of proper terminology and commonly used structures, ensure that the translation of a contract will be understood in a unique way: correct.

Format of the translation of contracts

Another very important aspect to avoid confusion and misunderstanding is the format of the contract. A good standard of international contract is one where the translation of the terms of the contract are placed in columns along with the original. Therefore a contract bilingual with text translated and perfectly aligned.

While parties may not understand the part of the contract, this design provides an overview quick dates, values, numbers, and of course a sense of equality between the parties. The majority of customers say that treatment of equality when it comes to business is very important.

One further aspect which has to take into account the format using the bold and the capitalization of the text. Depending on the target language capitalization rules may be different, but it is always important to distinguish between the terms used and the parties involved in the contract. This practice also collaborates to the clear understanding of the information included in a contract.

Tips when it comes to translating a contract

Once completed the drafting of a contract. It is advisable to take a time to reread it carefully and from “a distance” ask yourself if are actually included all points and necessary aspects. It is even advisable makes a reading a person outside the wording of the contract.

It is convenient, before sending to translate a contract, which indeed is the final version. Thus, apart from saving time and money, inconvenience and possible errors are avoided.

If you want to convey a sense of respect for the future partner who will sign the contract, and this speaks another language, it is advisable to forward him a copy of already translated so you can read it and ensure that everything is properly understood.