What are therapy dogs and assistance dogs

Training dog care and dog therapy

Firstly we will explain what is included within Assistance dogs:

Service dogs, They are thus called those who work to help people with physical disabilities in general: people in wheelchairs, balance problems, difficulty walking… The definition of is this generalizing and scope from the Forum of workers of IAA (animal assisted interventions) to which belongs the Association Aprende, so everyone can use the same terms and definitions is:

One who has been trained to assist people with physical disabilities in the development of the tasks of everyday life, both in your private environment and the external environment.

Also come within assistance dogs dogs dogs for deaf or signal, intended to help disabled people with some kind of hearing problem, its main function is the recognize different types of sound and alert your guide. The most widespread definition is:

One who has been trained to alert persons with hearing impairment of different sounds and tell them their source of origin.

Another type of training with assistance dogs are the doggydanstheonlinedogtrainerreviews guide, designed to help blind people (which deals with an almost exclusively the “Eleven Dog Foundation Guide”). These dogs, known by all, have achieved a great success in society, but as we have seen, are not the only modality of work that exists. The consensual definition is:

One who has been trained in centers specialized in accompanying, driving and help people with visual disabilities.

He is not just a dog, assistance dogs help people to overcome the limitations of their disability and the barriers of your environment. Any person who has a physical or psychological condition that substantially limits his life, could have a service dog. In addition to being an animal of utility for the help provided in everyday situations, emotional support which giving the user confidence and security is very important.

The assistance dog must not be of a certain race, how important is physical characteristics to adapt to the role that he would play and has a docile nature, it is quiet, affectionate and that their behavior is predictable, so from Aprende we always value as a first option, the adoption of a protective dog. Once learned obedience signs, it must be a balanced and appropriate behavior animal to live in society.

It is also developing the figure of the “emotional support dog” that are placed between the assistance dogs and therapy dogs, since it is not necessary to have a training specific skills is concerned, but if you must comply with the characteristics of socialization necessary to provide the emotional support that your guide requires. These dogs have become popular in the United States and only having a certificate from a mental health professional, can travel by plane together with their guides, which this question because not is this requesting that a canine educator valued the features of that dog, for sure this socialized correctly.

On the other hand, they are dogs therapy or social assistance, the work played by these doggydanstheonlinedogtrainerreviews fall within the I.A.A. (animal-assisted interventions). With this type of work we try to help therapists in their efforts to improve the emotional health of these patients, providing them with activities of interaction with dogs.