Website Improvement Tools from SEO Tool Station

Nowadays, there are a lot of very useful tools for search engine optimization. One website that provides such tools is the SEO tool station. To know the free SEO tools provided by this website, read the article below.

Page Speed Checker

One of the most important aspects or factors determining the success of a website these days is its loading speed. People nowadays do not want low loading speeds. They are immediately turned off by websites taking too long to load or respond. Thus, to make sure that your website loads fast, use the page speed checker tool. Then, you can determine if your website needs improvements for faster loading times.

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Java Script Minifier

Java codes in the form of a Java Script are just some of the most integral parts of websites. If you have a long code containing irrelevant characters and lots of white spaces, then it can be super difficult to navigate through your codes. To clean it, use the java Script minifier. Just supply the code to this tool and it will automatically remove extra white spaces and irrelevant characters for you.

Website Reviewer

A website’s success depends on different factors such as user-friendliness, relevance of theme, and SEO features incorporation. If you want your websites’ features be evaluated, then what you need is the tool called the website reviewer. This tool specifically evaluates websites based on the above features mentioned and more.

WordPress Theme Detector

The WordPress website became one of the most bloggable websites ever. Because of that a lot of people are now using it. If you are one of those people who constantly browse WordPress blogs, then more often than not, you will encounter some with very good themes. To look for such a theme if you are interested into, then use the WordPress theme detector tool. Just copy the URL to that site and feed it into the tool to know specifically what theme was used.

Image Optimizer

Quality images are one of the best parts of web pages. Articles with pictures have a higher chance of being read by people than those without pictures. There are also certain niches that highly rely on images for search engine optimization. However, the downfall of having images on websites is that they significantly reduce loading speeds especially if the size of the image is too large. Fortunately, there is a way around this and that is to use the image optimizer to compress the size of images so that the loading speed of your webpages can be significantly improved.

Those are the free SEO tools offered by the SEO tool station. Try them now in order to improve your website rakings.